Introducing the Appender stack

The sole purpose of this little stack is to help you append (or prepend) stack elements onto other parts of a webpage, like navigation bars, headers, banners or footers.

Appender uses jQuery Javascript and has four available functions:

  1. Append To adds content inside the target element, as a sibling to any other elements.
  2. Prepend To adds content inside the target element, but before any sibling elements.
  3. Insert After places content after the target element.
  4. Insert Before places content before the target element.

As an example, you might have a navigation bar area at the top of a webpage that you want to append a special message bar onto. Appender is the perfect stack to do this job.

Click to view larger screenshots. This example is using the Engineer theme.

Appender has a bare-minimum of settings to make setup quick and safe. The only requirement is that you have basic HTML knowledge and the ability to get the class or ID of the element you want to append stacks onto.

You can get this free stack here.


Great work as always. Iā€™m also super excited about your new Filmset stack as well!

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