Free embed stack updated to version 2.0

Just a quick note (for those of you not following me on social media) that the free Embed stack has been updated today:

Previously this stack would just embed content within object tags, so the stack was mostly restricted to webpages and PDF files. In version 2, additional content types have been added. These include HTML5 audio, HTML5 video, warehoused images, image directories and plain text files. These are in addition to iFrame support, which has been retained from version 1.

The purpose of Embed is to help you quickly embed common media types into your webpages. People often come to us asking what code is needed to embed different types of media that aren’t natively supported by RapidWeaver. The Embed stack provides a reliable, safe and easy method towards embedding different content types. Many of the content types now supported in Embed 2 require no complicated code or configuration. Images, audio and video all scale responsively.

This was one of the first stacks I released for RapidWeaver. I have noticed some people have been still using one of the very first versions that was without support for automatic update checking. So you may need to manually download and install this stack, after making a full backup of your project files and addons.