Introducing the Facebook Pages 2 Stack

(RWtuts) #1

Embed your Facebook pages with ease

The Facebook Pages 2 Stack allows you to easily embed your Facebook site (or the one from a friend/client etc.) on your RapidWeaver page. The design of the widget is a nifty little eye catcher, allowing you to generate more likes for your Facebook page, to show off your newest posts, upcoming location based events and/or to let your site visitors message you directly via the widget. The brand new version 2 of this Stack ships with many new customisation options and improvements, as well as tweaks to the GUI.

**Native Language and fully interactive**

The language of the Stacks content (such like the buttons) adjusts with the site visitors native language, so you don’t need to worry about tricky translations at any time. The widget itself is also fully interactive, your site visitors can react to your latest posts, click on links such like your custom Call to Action button and scroll through your site - everything happens on your RapidWeaver page, people don’t need to leave your site at any time!

**Tons of customisation options**

The Stack features some nice customisation options, such like changing the width and height dimensions of the widget, enabling or disabling small header, the option to hide the header image (new in version 2), the option to hide the custom Call to Action button (new in version 2). Also new with version 2 of the Facebook Pages 2 Stack is the ability to add tabs to the widget - either just a single one (Timeline, Messages, Events), two of them in combination or even all three of them at the same time. Take a look at some examples at the end of our product page.

**Lightweight, Retina ready and Responsive**

Because we made use of an iframe infrastructure, the Stack is very lightweight and works like a charm. Since the Stack loads its content directly from the Facebook servers you won’t recognise any constraints when it comes to your website loading speed, since images and texts aren’t stored on your host. The Stack is also responsive and retina ready, so it looks gorgeous on mobile devices such like the iPhone.

REQUIREMENTS: Facebook Pages 2 requires Stacks 3.x and at least RapidWeaver 6.x, recommended is v.7.x. The Stack works in all major browsers, we’ve also tested the Stacks compatibility with Elixir Graphics Foundry and Joe Workman’s Total/Easy CMS framework solutions. As always, we cannot guarantee compatibility with each and every other 3rd party theme and/or Stack and/or plugin - please keep that in mind before making a purchase, since refunds are not possible.

Typical Use Cases

Artists - show off your work
Artists want and need to share their latest work, such like images of them and a bit of text. Add and configure the Facebook Pages 2 Stack on your RapidWeaver based website and post content on your Facebook site at any time, from any device. You’ll never need to change anything in RapidWeaver again, since all changes made on Facebook will automatically sync to the Facebook Pages 2 Widget on your website.

Nightlife Clubs and Bars - show off your next location-based events
Get more visitors in your store or nightlife club by displaying upcoming location-based events with the Facebook Pages 2 Stack. Simply add the Stack to your website and select „Events“ underneath the tabs section in the customisation options. From now on, all your future events will be displayed on your website whenever you post some on your Facebook site.

Online Stores - let potential customers send you messages about your products
Misleading product descriptions can lead to a loss of potential customers - give your visitors the ability to contact you directly in just a few seconds and without any complicated registrations via Facebook live chat. Simply add the Facebook Pages 2 Stack to your RapidWeaver site and select „Messages“ underneath the tabs section in the customisation options - people will now be able to send you messages at any time and you can answer them in real-time using any device that supports the Facebook Site Manager App. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

And even more, the use cases are infinite

Learn more about the Facebook Pages 2 Stack

(Wendy) #2

I bought Facebook pages from you late last year…is this a paid upgrade? If so not very impressed!
It is not updating within Rapidweaver, and original download link 'not found’
Not received any notification, would appreciate clarification…

(RWtuts) #3

Hey Wendy,

this is a paid upgrade yes. We’ve rewritten the Stack from the ground up and added many more features compared to v.1 which results in a whole new version which we ask you to pay 5,95€ for. You can, of course, continue to use v.1 if you don’t need the new features - this way you wouldn’t have to pay.

It is not updating in RapidWeaver since it’s a whole new Stack. The Stacks plugin does not allow paid upgrades right out of the box, why we require our customers to purchase the Stack from our website.
Download link not found is being shown in our shop system database since v.1 is no longer available for sale. If you’ve lost your original file from the purchase last year, drop us a ticket and I’ll manually send you a copy of v.1 at no charge.

We notify our customers about new releases in our Newsletter. If you didn’t receive an E-Mail that’s probably because you’re not signed up for it or opted out of our newsletter in the past.


(Raymond "Ray" Day) #4

“it’s a Kind of Magic!” (Song)

(scott williams) #5

Will this work to show events from closed(private) groups?

(RWtuts) #6

Hey Scott, unfortunately not. The Stack does only work with pages/sites, not groups.

(Ben Balser) #7

Just added it to my wife’s business site. It seems the height is VERY limited. I’d love to go 2x or even 4x the limited 500 height. Is there a reason for such a short limit?

(Keith Flanagan ) #8

Nice stack, I would like the option of increasing the size of the page. Also, would be nice to show a warning to those users that have ad blockers showing. If you are running an ad blocker the stack does not show at all.

(RWtuts) #9

@benb it’s limited to these dimensions by the Facebook API. We’re currently working on a solution to bypass this - there should be an update pretty soon.

@keithnteri can you give an example for that? We’ve tested the Stack in combination with the most used ad blockers like AdBlock Plus, and the Stack is working flawlessly in combination with it. I guess your problem is due to an incompatibility issue with one or more other 3rd party Stacks on that particular Stacks site. Drop us a ticket via our website so I can take a closer look at that. :slight_smile:


(Jason Bostick) #10

I’d be careful about making it too high (or perhaps have a seperate version for mobile). If it gets tall enough that it covers the length of your mobile phone screen, you won’t be able to continue scrolling your site, it’d just be scrolling the facebook timeline.

(Keith Flanagan ) #11


I use an ad blocker called Ad Block Ultimate. It does work very well, sometimes too well.


(Ben Balser) #12

I have it disabled for mobile.

(RWtuts) #13

Thanks for all your suggestions guys, the feedback we received over E-Mail, social media and the forums was overwhelming :slight_smile:

I’ve pushed out an update to v.2.2 which changes the following:

  • as requested multiple times, the Stack is now allowing you to define infinite width and height parameters, whereas the previous versions did only allow up to 340px in width and 500px in height.
  • some other bug fixes

If you missed v.2.1 so far, here are the release notes of the previous version:

  • added the customisation option to align the widget. Choose between left, center and right alignments.


(CaFra Arabians) #15

Sorry, but the update to 2.2 does not work.
Wants to update on restart every time again.

(RWtuts) #16

Thanks for the feedback @SteveB, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey @Barbara, we’re currently having issues with our update server, however we cannot give any ETA when this is going to be fixed, unfortunately. To get immediate access to v.2.2, I ask you to send a ticket and I’ll mail the update to you manually.


(RWtuts) #18

No need to be afraid, you won’t download any unsecure/fraud copies through our server - it just doesn’t download anything at all (repeats once you restart RW). So it’s best to ignore the update process for now - we’ll mail all existing customers once this has been fixed.


(RWtuts) #20

Are you on v.2.2 already? You can send us a ticket as well if not, so we’ll get you updated manually.


(Ben Balser) #22

How do I get the updated version?

Never mind, it’s inside the RW app, got it, I feel really stupid now…