Introducing the Stacks for Stacks 3 Upgrade Bundle by RWtuts

We’re currently updating all our Stacks to work with Stacks 3 fluently and you can get them for less by getting this subscription bundle.

What does that mean?

You pay the fixed price of 25€, which is not a recurring subscription, and get all Stacks 3 updated Stacks from RWtuts plus all the Stack updates that are coming in the near future! This will save you more than 50€ compared to the prices of single purchases.

We suggest you to purchase the bundle now because the price of this bundle raises with each Stack update release!

Please note: this bundle subscription does not apply to completely new Stacks in the future, you’ll only get the updated versions of our currently existing Stacks that are being updated for Stacks 3 at no charge with the purchase of this bundle!

Current content of this bundle (updates with each Stack upgrade in the future):

Clocks 2
Lock 2
Space 2
TopScroll 2
TubeWeaver 2
VimeoWeaver 2

Get the bundle today:

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