Introducing Space 2 for Stacks 3

Space has been our very first Stack when we started with RWtuts back in 2011 and it is still very popular. We finally managed to build a new version of Space, completely from scratch, built for the amazing new Stacks 3.

We removed annoying bugs, made it faster and more lightweight so it works perfectly fine with Stacks 3 and in combination with all other 3rd party Stacks you’re using on your Stacks sites. We also created a retina icon for it.

Existing users are eligible for upgrade pricing at 50% off, simply provide the same E-Mail address during checkout you’ve used when you purchased Space 1.x back in time for our system to recognize.
If you’ve purchased Space 1.x today or a week before today you can get the upgrade at no charge. If this should be your case you should contact our support team. You can find a contact form on our site:

We hope you enjoy Space 2 as much as we do, please let us know if you do so my leaving some feedback on this post! =)

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Is the concept of Space 2 that it’s easier and faster to drop it in rather than add padding or margins to stacks without the Space 2 stack inserted between, or is there some other benefit?

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It actually saves you a lot of time when you’re having big Stacks sites with many different Stacks in it plus you don’t have to manually adjust paddings, with the Space Stack you’ll only need to drag&drop it between Stacks and you’re all set.