Introducing UIkit 3 for RapidWeaver


After months of development and testing I’m proud to announce UIkit 3 for RapidWeaver, over 70 stacks and a powerful theme to develop unlimited animated layouts.

The package also comes with several built-in ready-to-use projects, aimed to bring a solid layout base to work upon.

Check the website and full documentation here:

Happy RapidWeaving!


I’d forgotten about UIKit. This looks very interesting. Slick, minimalistic and very cool.


Hi Lucas,
Looks like a very interesting option to Foundry and Foundation.

One feature I am particularly interested in please.

The Background stack when in Fixed mode, does the Fixed mode work on mobile devices?

I am a keen Foundry user and I know this feature doesn’t work in the Foundry Banner or Backdrop stacks. Elixir feel that mobile devices don’t have enough processing power to handle the scroll effect.

Same question for the Parallax and Animation stacks too please, do they all work on mobile devices?


Hi Scott

Fixed mode won’t work on mobiles in UIkit either, I see the example in the framework also is not fixed when previewing in mobiles too. Yep it has something to do with power, as Adam Elixir may told you, in general mobiles hate fixed backgrounds.

Parallax and Animation work fine in all devices, you may check the pages (and Tests) yourself:


I really liked your previous iteration of UIKIT. Will definitely be looking at this one. Great to see you are staying with it. It’s my go to framework right now.

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Great work @Lucas - beautiful job :slight_smile:


What is the link to purchase both of the addon stack packages?

Thanks Michael :grinning:

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All components are now in one big package, here’s the link:

Purchase plans have changed, after many requests. Purchase now includes unlimited updates and support plus the big Tests Project. Other pre-built projects are now available as optionals.


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