Flex - New RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium

Introducing FLEX - The latest stack from Weavium!

Flex is a killer stack for creating expandable content sections~ It is a highly customizable & flexible stack that can be used in many different ways, and there are a ton of included of examples to prove just that!

Get it on sale now for 25% off (Just $14.99) using the follow discount code:


Check it out!

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On the live example page I cannot scroll up or down on iPhones or iPads.

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Thank you for letting us know!

We will try to get this figured out as soon as we can~ Actually currently working on the fix as we speak ^_-

Wish us luck

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@klaatu Hi there,

We believe to have found the issue with the scroll functionality not working on iPhones or iPads,
can you let us know if it is working for you now please?

Thank you very much!


Sorry it’s the same. Checked on my iPhone just now. iPad is at home will check in an hour or so when back home.

The screen on my iPhone is flickering like crazy when I try to scroll down. Looks to me (unverified) as if there is some js catching the scroll event and possibly trying to calculate screen/div heights on the fly? Not sure. If I have time today I’ll try to help debug, if you like?


This issue is presented with the live preview for every stack on my iPhone 7+

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Thank you for checking!

We’ll keep working on this until we can get it fixed~

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