Is an iframe the best solution?

(Keith Callaby) #1

Hello all! I am currently using an iframe to wrap a page displaying the output from a price comparison script. I am not sure if the resulting page is ideal regarding the way it scrolls. I welcome any comments and alternative methods to refine the page. Please visit to view the page / site as it is at the moment. Many thanks!

(Rob Beattie) #2

If it were me I’d increase the height of the iFrame to get rid of the scroll bar. At the moment it just emphasises the feeling that the catalogue isn’t part of the actual site.

FWIW I don’t think iFrame’s are ideal for this.Does the company that you’re getting the price comparisons from not provide a more elegant way of integrating with other people’s websites? I know that many don’t but it’s worth asking.


(Keith Callaby) #3

Thanks Rob. The price comparison script I am using does allow for changing the header, footer etc. But I’m afraid I am not experienced enough to set those up, so I chose to use a RW theme to pull in the script results instead, for the moment. That’s a really good point about the height - I will have a play with that soon.

Thanks again Rob!

:wink: Keith

(Rob Beattie) #4

No prob. If you - or a client - are paying for the service it’s worth asking them if they’ll help you out. It would certainly make it look even more professional.


(Keith Callaby) #5

The comparison script was a single purchase some years ago Rob (no ongoing fees), the author is awesome in his support and advice to his customers. I am sure he would assist in adapting elements, but I am enjoying using Armadillo, and other stacks to build the site. I think I will get it all up and running first, and then tweak the design later. Thanks again for your advice Rob. :wink:


(Keith Callaby) #6

I’ve made some adjustments to the iFrame height Rob! Looking better now I think. Thanks for your help! ;-(


(Rob Beattie) #7

I agree, it looks much more like it’s part of the site now.