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Hey All,

My website has a page that offers my clients an opportunity to use visualizers for product selections and such from one of my vendors. I am using an iframe to display the html link provided from the vendor and it takes some time to load.
I wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish a faster load. My old site had too many pages and trying to keep a cleaner look. Not sure if I store them in a subdomain, keep on current domain and open in separate window and use the “do not show” in nav.
here is the link to the new one - see “workshop tab” -
The existing one - with “visualizers, products and industry tools”

I don’t know - just babbling - any ideas are greatly appreciated


If you are trying to share the URL with us (it would be helpful, it didn’t show up.

yea was just fixing. Sorry

I don’t think it’s the fact that they are iFrames. It the huge amount of data that’s being loaded.

The Workshop page stat(s RenoVision Workshop):

1409 requests
37.9 MB transferred
53.7 MB resources
Finish: 28.41 s
DOMContentLoaded: 1.43 s
Load: 26.89 s

On one of the Existing pages (RenoVision Visualizers)

24 requests
696 kB transferred
721 kB resources
Finish: 1.28 s
DOMContentLoaded: 988 ms
Load: 1.51 s

If I click on the “Kitchen Visualizer” existing:

136 requests
3.2 MB transferred
4.6 MB resources
Finish: 6.12 s
DOMContentLoaded: 643 ms
Load: 6.12 s

There is no way you are going to load ±40mb and 1400+ requests and expect a good page speed. You’re loading a lot of stuff on the new page other than the iFrames.

Well thank you for the breakdown that’s pretty informative. From what I’m guessing it seems that it’s loading all 10 of those objects when the page loads. Is there a way to load the page and then only load those objects as their selected?

Thanks again for your help.


I’m not aware of any stack that’s going to do what you are looking for.

The iFrames are being launched inside a modal. Modals are really part of the same page, just hidden from view, but still loaded by the browsers.
I think from a user’s experience, they don’t care if the iframes run on a separate page or a modal. They probably aren’t going to wait for 40 MB page to load.

The times listed above are from a gigabit connection. That’s about as fast as any user is going to have.

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