Integrating RapidWeaver 7.0 + a completely separate coding - AN ALTERNATIVE TO iFRAME?


We would like to have the following:

A responsive website,, which is created in and published directly from RapidWeaver. This will include all the pages of the website, theme, menu etc etc.

However, we have a separate somewhat complicated piece of coding - a bespoke online booking system (basically a totally separate, nothing to do with RW bunch of coded files and database created by a freelance developer who is completely not interested in RW and not even a Mac User).

We need to integrate this very smoothly right into the RW website. Previously we have done it via an iFrame, but that is somewhat clumsy, non-responsive (or even if made responsive, behaves somewhat unpredictably with the RW theme), and most importantly not great for Google SEO etc.

We have full ownership and access to all the independently created files and database.

What is the best way to ‘call’ a completely external folder of relatively complicated coding (i.e. around 300 files plus MySQL database) into a RW website?

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You can check out Joe workman’s stack Off Site. Seems to work OK with sql driven PhpList on a responsive site.

Good luck.

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With a custom development. I don’t think you will find an out of the box :package: solution therefore.