Is anyone working in tech support?

(Andre Warner) #1

While I evaluated a few laptops over the pass few months, I would restore my production image to the various machines I was looking at. I did not realize that some of my software would only activate X number of times. I figured my license codes were attached to my e-mail address so all would be well. Anyway, I have run out of activations for Rapidweaver apparently. I submitted a tech support request yesterday and figured someone would get to me shortly. No dice. I tried again today multiple times and still no dice. Can anyone point out how I can get this thing reset? I cannot work on any of my sites.



(Andre Warner) #2

There was a small hold up in tech support but they got back to me. It was pointed out that there is a deactivate button that I could use to free up licenses to move them to other machines. Luckily I still had one that had not yet been wiped clean prior to it being returned so I was able to transfer that license over to my main unit that I plan to keep.