Issue with License

I’ve sent support a couple of emails regarding this but haven’t got a reply.

I haven’t opened RapidWeaver in just over a month, and when I open it tells me to activate my license. However, it says my license details are incorrect. The license details are 100% correct (I’ve used the recover license on the support page as well, and they match up to the original serial number I have on file).

I’ve re-installed the app, and I’m still not having any luck.

Can anyone please shed any light on how I can resolve this?


Write and we’ll get you sorted.

Appreciate the reply Brian, but as stated in my first message, I’ve emailed multiple times without a response.

This page

has a form to fill out for your license, see if that works for you.

@aaron replied to you 3 days ago, perhaps it went into your spam folder?

Anyways, he reset your license so you should be good to go.

License is working, thanks :slight_smile:

I think you guys might have an issue with your email address. I checked my spam box and I haven’t received anything there.

Are you sorted with your license? Is it working now?

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