License issues, activation on a new MacBook

Guys I fired an email to real mac support yesterday but no response. I’m on a long haul flight tomorrow and really wanted this sorted so I can use RW on my new mac book while i travel, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve recently bought a new 12in mac book. I deactivated my copy of RW7 on my desktop mac to then be able to use RW7 on my new mac book. The mac book I bought two days ago bricked on me whilst restoring from from a back up. So I returned it to Apple who’ve given me a new mac book replacement. I’ve got everything how I need it now, except Rapid Weaver. When I Dl a copy of RW and put the code you’ve emailed me it won’t work, what am I doing wrong please?

Thank you, Adam

Hi Adam,

I noticed @LaPan replied to your ticket - wanted to double-check that you were all sorted!

Be sure to deactivate your license on a machine (if possible) before selling / reinstalling OS by going to RapidWeaver > Registration > Deactivate License.


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