Is CMS possible from a PC please?

Hi folks. This is a bit of a newbie question. I hope it isn’t too stupid. If it is, please accept my apologies.

I have enjoyed creating my personal website on my Mac. My church needs a new website. I am happy to create one with my Mac but I am not able to be the sole webmaster as I am too busy to post everything. I’d like others to be able to post on their sections - for example the bellringers could keep their page fresh and the musicians could post on their page.

Is it possible for me to create the website and for others using a PC to add content within the architecture (maybe by a CMS programme)?

Thank you for your help,

Yes it is. You can use a CMS like Easy CMS to update a Rapidweaver website from a phone, tablet and even a Windows PC, via the web browser.

And there are lots of CMSs available for Rapidweaver - that just happens to be the one I’ve been working with today.


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Thank you Rob. That’s really helpful. I can now look at the various CMS options. Much appreciated.

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