Can newsletter, blog, photo gallery etc can be edited from pc

Hi everybody,
Running a Saturday school, we consider purchasing RW to create our website, which needs to be updated on, lets say, weekly basics by a few people independently. Is there an option to to do it from pc, without RW installed?
Many thanks.


NimbleHost’s Armadillo is considered one of the more fully-featured and robust, easy to use and versatile Content Management Systems for RapidWeaver.

Your friends and colleagues would be able to update many items of your site’s content using a modern web browser with which they are familiar - on a Mac or Windows machine. Good luck!

It sounds like a solution…
Thank you very much, Mark!

Joe Workman has a new content management system called Total CMS. It is currently in beta and is unbelievably amazing. You might have to wait a few weeks for it to come out though. You can create photo galleries, update individual images, text, file downloads and a basic RSS feed blog system. The best part is you create the administration page from individual stacks so can add instructions for any part of the process. I’ve woven it into a school website I run and you wouldn’t know it was there. The best part is that it doesn’t need a database to be created and is as easy to set up as dropping a stack on a page. Armadillo is a great product and I have both versions, I was very upset when they dropped the support for multiple blogs on a single domain although they might bring it back in the future.

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You’re most welcome. Hoping your site’s a success :slight_smile: !

Many thanks. Sounds like something that may meet school website’s requirements better than Armadillo. The simpler the better, the photo galleries and blog option is what we need too. Probably worth those few week waiting - we’re not in the rush as I can manage everything directly from RW for a while.
Thanks again for your post :slight_smile: