Update of pages from a mobile device

Is there an App I can use to update the content on a website page from an iPad or iPhone?

No apps, but if you get a CMS for RapidWeaver you can do this. There are many out there. Since I work for Joe Workman, I favor Easy CMS and Total CMS.

There are others out there. Pulse CMS, Armadillo, and maybe more. If you search on the RapidWeaver Community page, you will get these results:


Thanks for the quick response. The product looks interesting

Hi Robert,

Now that I’ve published my first website with Rapidweaver (http://www.irish-setdancers-frankfurt.net ) It’s build with the latest version of Rapidweaver and stacks using the Voyager theme. I’d like to take the next step and make most of it editable through CMS Easy I have Imact on one page, and know that Easy CMS cannot manage Impact. Is this roughly the way to make the site editable with CMS?:
Create an Admin page with all the text stacks and images I want to manage – organised logically on the admin page
Re-create the pages I want to manage with CMS stacks and wire them to the Admin page

Would Sitelok give a secure access to Admin pages created by Easy CMS? The documentation reads that way, but I was wanting to be sure!

Kind regards


You actually can manage Impact with Easy CMS. I will make a sample project to show you how later today.

Yes, this is a good start. One suggestion would be to use some kind of Tabs stack (Joe has Tabulous or Squeezebox, but there are others out there too) to organize it. Just one way to do it.

You do not NEED to recreate the pages, you can just add EasyCMS stacks to existing pages.

That is one way, but Easy CMS does come with a stack called Protect that will lock your admin page down with a password.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Tabulous is just what I need for another site I’m working on!

Does Sitelock give the same page security as Page Safe (not Protect)? If it does, then the membership features of Sitelok would be good for the site.

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