Is "Forward" a fast loading theme for photography and RapidCart Pro compatible?


Is the “Forward” theme a Mobil Fist theme? or is it a responsive theme that scales down desktopdesing to mobil?

I am looking for the fastest loading Mobile First Theme for RapidWeaver - what can you recommend one? Showcasing fotos and being able to sell them via a webshot (rapid cart pro for example) is what I need.

Thank you.

At the end, it doesn’t matter if it is a mobile first theme.
All what matters is: does it look good for you on mobile?

And as others already stated, if you use a lot of pictures, they are the “bottleneck” throtteling the speed, not the theme assets.

ok thanks - if the mobile first aspect does not matter with a lot of pictures - the Forward theme should work for mobil users equally good/fast as the desktop “version” of my site? - is that correct ?

Do you know of a theme that is a fast or faster alternative than Forward?

thx again