Looking for a slider/carousel stack with remote images folder

I am looking for a carousel stack which will allow me to simply put images in a folder somewhere and then have the stack reference the folder and display the images in the order they are in, in the folder. I thought SuperFlex 3 would do it, but even after talking to Nick Cates, it still won’t work. Any other suggestions.

@paulcruice I would highly suggest ProGallery by Will Woodgate. More here:

You can download and test a demo to see if it will work for you.

However, it might be helpful to describe why SuperFlex would not work for you. I have tried it as you described and it worked just fine. … thus I’m wondering if the problem is with your server setup or something else. If that’s the case then it may be best to keep SuperFlex and sort out the real cause of the problem. But from your description I can’t tell what’s the real issue.

Thanks Matthew for the advice. I will check out ProGallery.
I have no idea why Superflex 3 won’t work, neither does Nick. It appears I have done everything as he says but alas it doesn’t work. I didn’t ask Nick if it mattered that I was using his Superflex 3 in a Foundations theme. I actually sent him something which indirectly showed that but he did not comment so I assume it does not matter.