Recommended themes for photography website

Any suggestions for a theme for minimalist photography website capable of looking something like ?

I have many popular themes for image related websites:


thanks I will take a look

Take a look at Henk’s themes as well.

And Jochen Abitz has some interesting templates for Foundation and Total CMS that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.


Created my own with Foundation. Quite happy with it. if you are interested.

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For out of the box themes, the following can be tweaked to something similar to the site you posted:

Ironically, I find that minimalist sites can be the most difficult to create. I tend to fuss over the details.

Hi @keithnteri

Nice site. I just wondered if you were aware though that the page at the link you supplied is quite heavy at 33.5Mb and over 22 seconds to load (for me) ?

Maybe the images could be further optimised for web use?

Yes, unfortunately I have users that want highest quality up there. They would post RAW if I let them.

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JUST DOWNLOADED FOUNDATION AND BLOCKS 3 -now got to make that work !

Thanks for all suggestions

Can any body suggest a good photo gallery to use - I have Nick Cates photo base but cannot reduce the size of the thumbnails

sorry a bit of a beginner

Since you have Foundation, check this out…


I don’t think it is a question of theme - more a question of Stack you use.

On my site I use Nick Cates Photo, I like it a lot, my issue is it doesn’t allow PNG. On my first go round I used Ultimate Lightbox. It is more of a PITA to set up but you can have separate thumbnails. You can see the difference on the Rehab page. on my photo site.

Lots of different gallery’s to use. Ultimate Lightbox has so many different ways to use that it can get to be too much sometimes.

Let us know what you picked. I would love to see the finished project.

I spent ages pondering over the same thing a couple of months back and then went for what I consider the best and easiest to use and that was @joeworkman Foundation - The photographer loved it as well!.. Use Realmac software ‘Squash’ App to strip down your images and that should help a lot too… :slight_smile:
Have a look at the finished website here…