Is it possible linking to a section of an Accordion from another page? (Foundry)

(Murat Ozgul) #1

is it possible linking to a section of an Accordion from another page with Foundry Stack?

I will add some buttons to my home page and I want to link to them accordion to my articles page.

(Adam Shiver) #2

Hi there @telepati – that is not a feature of the Foundry Accordion stack.

(Rob D) #3

If I remember correctly, it is possible with the Switcher stack from S4S. I haven’t tried to use this stack with Foundry, though.

Will’s free demo stacks can be downloaded and checked out before paying for them, so that’s what I’d suggest to do. Note, that the demo stacks can be previewed in projects for one minute only, after which time, you need to refresh by switching between Edit and Preview modes.

(David Freels) #4

Joe Workman’s accordion stack is called Squeezebox, and Squeezebox has this feature built-in and automatically generates the links you seek.

This feature is invaluable for maximizing SEO potential and a benefit I have long wished every RW stack developer would add to their products.

(Joe Martin) #5

Try this info:

Quick Sample page:

(Peter Danckwerts) #6

I think you can link to any accordion section using its ID.

(Doug Bennett) #7

Scroll down on the switcher stacks page page and it’s documented on how to do exactly what you want:

Triggering accordions and tabs from page hashes [advanced]

Free demo version so you can try it out before you buy.

(Murat Ozgul) #8

I tried but I didn’t handle it. I create to page home and about. I add a button to the home page and add to accordion to the about page and create 2 accordions. I change the switcher name to ‘faq’. then go to the homepage and add a link to the button. But didnt work.

(David Freels) #9

Yes, the Switchr stack is somewhat complex to do this. I’ve tried several times to do this, and it would be great if there was a video tutorial on how to make the links actually work.

I’m not a coder. Whatever I’ve learned, I’ve learned by accident when putting together a site via RapidWeaver. In defense of S4S, Will does say this feature is for advanced users, which I guess I’m not.

I like the way Elixir’s Ivy2 Accordion works. It renders beautifully, and comes with preset color schemes to match many of the presets of Elixir’s themes. I actually bought it for this reason after owning Squeezebox because Squeezebox doesn’t have the esthetic appeal of Ivy2.

I later bought Switchr because of even greater visual capability than Ivy, but I could never get the linking to work with Switchr like the built-in, native ability of Squeezebox.

Squeezebox also has the capacity to render and/or pick up a theme’s built-in graphics. I bought an NCD theme, and added a Squeezebox page and discovered Squeezebox can be set to inherit the NCD theme’s settings, and now Squeezebox is absolutely stunning–plus it has the built-in linking capacity, which brings in unmatched SEO muscle.

Again, I wish every RapidWeaver developer added this simple, built-in linking ability to every stack because it would make RapidWeaver the unequaled weapon of choice for not only building beautiful websites, but also for maximizing SEO potential.

How great would it be for everybody if the first question all end site customers asked was “Can you build it in RapidWeaver.”

(Jan Fuellemann) #10

@Elixir any thought on this?

(Adam Shiver) #11

Hi @Fuellemann – what thoughts are you interested in specifically?

The original post asked if the Foundry Accordion stack had a specific feature, to which I replied to say that it does not have that feature. It does not have that feature for a reason, which relates to how some other stacks within Foundry work. That and the fact that the Accordion stack in Foundry is based on the Collapse component from Bootstrap, which does not have that specific feature.

If you have a different question for me though @Fuellemann let me know and I’ll be glad to reply.

(Joe Workman) #12

I have a free Link and Anchor stack that allows you to link to any part of a webpage with a link.

As for auto animating to particular slides or components within a complex stack? I would not consider that simple. It can be tricky to develop. I do have this feature inside quite a few of my stacks, including Squeezebox as you mentioned. There are caveats to doing this though. What if you have multiple stacks on the same page that do this. Which one will win? There could be issues.

I am happy that you are enjoying SqueezeBox! Thanks for the mention.

(David Freels) #13

Which of your other stacks have this capability?

Don’t be shy. I’d love to have the complete list.

And do you offer any bundle deals?

(Joe Workman) #14

I am doing this off the top of my head. But I am pretty sure that this is a good list…

(Jan Fuellemann) #15

Ah sorry, I did not catch your reply. All set.

(Murat Ozgul) #16

is it possible the create this style of accordion with Foundry accordion stack? Can I add image to inside of accordion or changing the size of accordion?

(Adam Shiver) #17

Hi there @telepati – all of the settings for the Foundry Accordion can be found here:

There is a wealth of information in the Documentation section of the Foundry site:

Per your specific question – no, adding an icon to the Accordion title bar is not a feature of the stack.

(David Freels) #18

Thanks Joe. This is very helpful.

(Murat Ozgul) #19

Your saying no but in the link you are provided says “Add an icon to individual title bars”. I confused.

Thanks, Joe. We are using the same type feature within the Muse. We can link to the accordion with the anchor on the same page.

As I understand we can link to any page or any spot with your Link§Anchor stack?

Joe, can we add own icon to individual title bars within SqueezeBox? or asking like that can I create the same accordion with SqueezeBox?

(Don H) #20

You can add Font Awesome icons to the open or closed state(s). However, you cannot use your own icons/graphics.

If you can find suitable FA icons, you could do what you want with Accordion.