Wishful thinking accordion stack

Not sure if this already exists, but working with an accordion stack is tedious when there are large amounts of content in each section. It would be a lot nicer if in the edit section, one could “collapse” the accordion and only see the header of each section. The purpose being that I often wish to move sections from one area to another and having to scroll through lots of data to find each section makes me “dizzy”… :slight_smile:

What accordion stack are you using? On several you can simply press the “hide” button (top bar of RW) to hide content for that specific accordion item.

This approach works great with:

  • Switcher by Stacks4Stacks
  • Accordion for Foundation
  • Accordion for Foundry
  • Ivy 2 by Elixir Graphics

And I’m guessing this approach works fine with most accordion stacks.

The need to “hide” stuff as your describing is important: so I certainly understand the need on your part to do this.

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Using Switcher. I press Hide icon that is between Partial and Lock and nothing happens. I must be missing something…again…

Exactly like Steve said. So for a Switcher Item you won’t hide the Item Title (no need really) but only the Item Content area.

Thank you for the input, but whatever is happening, isn’t happening with my setup. I am going to play with it some more, but will make a backup first, before I mess up. Going back to my original wish, I have seen some stacks that hide content, so doing the same with an accordion stack would seem to make sense. Maybe it is too difficult to code?

Oh, yes, that works great…ha,ha. And, it’s easy when you know what you are doing…unlike me.
I did finally figure it out and you are right, this is easy enough and will help me tremendously. Thank you so much.

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