Is RapidCart 3 still supported

(Rusty) #1

I noticed RapidCart 3 here:

Is it still supported.



Word on the street is there is no support for anything from these guys. I would look elsewhere… Search this forum for other suggestions. There are many…

(Rusty) #3

Thanks for the info @JohnJ that’s a shame, Rapidcart was great !

(Doug Bennett) #4

(Rusty) #5

Thanks @teefers I was just checking the Ecwid stack out actually. Looks quite promising. Have you tried it yet? Although using embed with Ecwid has always been easy to do.

(Doug Bennett) #6

I have not used it yet, from the original post it’s a plugin right now a stack.

(Rusty) #7

Yes it is a plugin at the moment and seems ok. Haven’t checked it out fully yet.
A stack would be better though, I think they are having a chat with Isaiah !!

(Michael Frankland) #8

For simple Carts Cart2 is getting a lot of love and we’re adding loads of updates:

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