Is RW7 compatible with Monterey

I have an old project on an old RW version (7.5.7) which is crashing consistently on both my Macs which are both on Monterey 12.0.1. However I get the same crash (when I try to Preview, which then doesn’t give me an error but just closes the application) when opening and Previewing a blank page in a new project. This makes me think that maybe the common factor is the OS. The website hasn’t been updated in several years, hence I’ve never really noticed the problem until now.

Does RW7 actually run on Monterey, or is it simply too old and I need to upgrade to 8?

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I use RW 8 on Monterey with no problems. It’s worth upgrading anyway.

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Pretty sure RW8 is in a bundle or two right now… You can get it pretty darn cheap…

I don’t think RW7 will even run on Catalina (from 2 years ago) because of the 64-bit and security requirements.

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RW7 and even RW6 were both 64-bit applications.

As for security requirements, I can’t comment on Monterey 12.x, but I am able to run RW7 on Big Sir without crashing.

Now I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t upgrade to RW8. As Gary @Ruyton pointed out “It’s worth upgrading anyway.”. So many great new features, and if you’re going to keep upgrading your OS, you are much better off keeping all the apps you use current to avoid future compatibility issues.

Now for the big question, should you buy one of those “bundle” deals or just buy the upgrade from RealMac direct.

With the new licensing agreement, it’s now a “12-month of updates and new features” that’s renewable.

Reading the RealMac Licensing explained

You own the version of the app you paid for, including all the updates and features released within the next 12 months

When you purchase directly from our online store, which offers you the same secure-buying experience as the app store, you’re paying for a perpetual license that is yours to keep, forever

Now does the new license only apply to purchase’s directly from RealMac or does it include these “bundles”? @dan

The reason I’m asking here is RW9 is targeted to be released in the first half of next year. That puts it within a 12-month license so you would be entitled to RW9 at no additional cost.


Just to clear things up…

If you purchase RapidWeaver 8 you get free upgrades to the 8.x branch.

The newer licensing type is for Squash 3 and RapidWeaver 9 (when it launched next year).
And yes, we’ll offer a discount for all RW8 users to upgrade to RW9.

Hope that helps.