RW 7 crashes while updating to 7.01

(Michael Flower) #1

As the post title says, crash. Can’t update. This also happened with one of the 7 betas…I couldn’t get from an earlier beta to a later one. Is it smart to use something like AppDelete to remove all “pieces” of RW 7 and then start over with a fresh download of 7? The only thing I have done out of the ordinary is having migrated to a new iMac over this past weekend. Might that have messed up something?

(Michael Flower) #2

Well,…while I don’t know why the crashing occurs, I missed the obvious solution. Dump 7.0 and directly download 7.0.1. Duh! (And it’s not even that late here in Oregon, so I can’t use that excuse.) I’d still like to know what the crashing is about of course.

(Dan) #3

Very odd, we’ve had no other reports of this. Will keep an eye on it!

And yes you can always just download the latest version from here: