8.2.1 crash on Monterey 12.0.1

It has been a while since working on my site but my latest version opens and I am able to make changes and save. The minute I try to preview RW crashes. It worked fine enough before the update to Monterey. Any suggestions or work arounds? Thanks.

please update to the latest version of RW.

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Yes thank you . I was trying to update it but the installer would shut down as well. I’ll check my computer to make sure I have enough room for the install and try again. :upside_down_face:

So I have 44GB of space on my laptop but RW continues to not update to 8.3. It downloads and the message states is ready to install. I allow and then it crashes with no sign of an installer anywhere.
Any extra thoughts to help resolve this? Most appreciated.

Hi, just download the latest version from here:


This is working like a charm. Thank you very much!!

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