Is Stripe safe?

Hello !
I was about to choose Stripe as a payment solution, when I found really (really…) bad reviews on “trustpilot” (here).

So, my question is ; did the “Stripe users” here had any issues with it ? Would you say it’s easy and safe or not ?..

Thanks !

I’ve been using Stripe for about 3-4 years now. Never had an issue. I always receive the funds 5 working days later.

I wasn’t aware they had so many negative reviews. It looks like they’re making new users jump through some hoops. I think it’s also possible that some people have a questionable source of income, and Stripe don’t like it.

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Stripe is amazing. I’ve hung out with one of the founders a couple of times at a conference. I use them for my credit card processing.

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Pretty much the same for all card processing companies. Read PayPal reviews, hilarious.

Reading the Stripe reviews I’d say most agreed to the T&C’s without reading them and have no idea of the regs surrounding distant selling. When Stripe discovered they were breaking the rules they froze their accounts, which they have to do by law.

OK, thank you guys, it helps :wink:

Let’s try stripe !!!

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