? Comments....RapidCart Pro & Stripe

Has anyone been able to make RapidCart Pro work with Stripe???

I have been trying on and off for over a year to get this working but give up because I can’t get the help I need.

Is RapidCart Pro an abandoned application? Am I wasting my time? Yes I am!! But… is it worth it and can it work with Stripe??

Anyone been able to get it to work with Stripe??

I’m about to dump RapidWeaver after all of these years and extras I have because if I can receive payments whats the use?!! Grrr.

Paypal works but Paypal is getting flaker by the day.

Yes or No??
Have you been successful setting up Stripe on RapidCart Pro 4?

If so, is there some set by step info on setting it up??
I need to set up Sandboxing on Stripe first to try it out! Help!

Not according to this

Wow! No kidding zeebe! Thanks!
I have not been able to get this one running! I’m not about to pay for another one!

I had posted a raving review for this software, but it looks like it is my duty to let buyers beware!!!

Anyone? Have you been able to make Stripe work in RapidCart Pro???

Yes, been using it with stripe for years now. It works for that payment method just fine.

Thank you!
Can you change how the receipt looks that people receive in their email with the options they chose?

RapidCart Pro 4.11.0 supporting RapidWeaver 8 has just been released.
You can update it directly from RapidWeaver or on https://4gnd.com/rapidcartpro.


I stand corrected.

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