Is there a stack for downloading of a pdf?

right now i am unsing @joeworkman 's “pdf embed” stack. does this stack offer the possibility to download a pdf? reason being that within that pdf potential buyers have to sign a waiver.
thanks much for any pointers, tomas


When the referenced stack is used on a stacks page in the browser, there will be the typical download, zoom in and zoom out buttons for the pdf file in the iframe near the bottom of the displayed PDF.

Are you wanting an I agree type thing prior to download being available?


Look at Doobox True Download. I use it and it works great.


thnk you my friends @bruce and @Turtle for the speedy reply, much appreciated!
greetings, tomas

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well dear @bruce, i downloaded the stack and install it. tried it out but as far as i can see it only allows for .jpg’s to be downloaded. as a matter of fact i uploaded the site and it staunchly refused to give away the pdf file :frowning:

Hi @tnittner

as far as i can see it only allows for .jpg’s to be downloaded.

I really do not think that is correct. From the stack page it says:

Serve any file or folder of files :
The stack can serve any file type or any folder containing other files. As long as it resides in your Rapidweaver resources section.

What is more likely… The stack doesn’t work or has been misrepresented OR you may have made an error in how you have set it up?

So… how have you set it up? :wink:

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From the FAQ…

Attention…! Very important setting
It is extremely important that you have entered your website address correctly here in the Rapidweaver site set-up settings, including any subfolder that you may be running your website from.

It was also last updated: 12/10/2014, maybe it needs an update… I don’t have the stack so can’t tell at the moment.

But honestly, if Bruce @bruce is using it and says it works then it does without question.


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I have it working. Look here:

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Nicely done @bruce

Just a comment… your Facebook link is in your head area of the page, might want to move that to the body :wink:

<a class="social-facebook social-import" href="...

Probably located on site wide code (head) or Inspector page code (head)… not sure which but likely site wide…


Thanks Brad. I’ll review that, but I think that is how Nick Cates suggests it be done in the Strata theme. I’ll let you know.

DooBox TrueDownload will work with jpegs. It will only work with PDFs if they are zipped.

Just thought I better chime in here in case there is any confusion.

True Download (the old stack is no longer sold). It still works as before, and this stack will allow you to offer downloads of any file type. The stack will zip the file up on the fly at the server when someone prompts a download, and serve them your file inside a zip file.

This was great. But it came with a downside. Server support was not the best. Around 10% of customers found they could not use the stack on their servers.

So now we have True download 2. This stack takes a more traditional approach, in respect that it will only allow you to offer downloadable file types. Downloadable file types are in general archive file types, .zip being the most widely used. So you will need to put anything you are going to offer inside a zip file, and that is the file you point the stack at.

Version 2 retains the ability to keep count of the number of downloads that have been initiated, and provides the file without the user leaving the page. Along with a much more modern style more keeping with todays design trends.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing these things out. I guess I need to review the files I have set in True Download.

I thought this worked for me in the past but it does not now, so as Doobox points out my server host must have changed something to stop the PDF from being zipped prior to download. Anyway, I found a workaround which is to set a link on the PDF file in my Resources section. That way True Download shows it as a downloadable file, and when clicked on the file opens as a PDF which can then be downloaded. That is the way I want it to be. It is more work, but I don’t have that many files I maintain for download on my site.

We have video downloads, pdf, epubs, mobi, and zip’s. I simply use a very short php “force download” script. Clicking a Download button runs the script which does a php “force download” (read, write). Here’s a screen shot of one example: (you could add error checking and such but this is used hundreds of times a day with no problems) - Let me know if you’d like more info.

Also see:

Another option that I use for some Amazon S3 housed download files:

(sorry for the multiple posts, I keep thinking of options)