Exporting a pdf file

Is there a way for a visitor to my site to click on a link in a page to download a pdf file.
I have some information sheets that I want people visiting my site to click on and it will download that pdf file to them.
Is there a simple way or stack that I can do this.
I’ve had a look around but not sure what I’m after.
Thank you.


Yes; there are several. I used the FileSafe Stack from NimbleHost, who bought SeyDesign. It works flawlessly; and you’ll get all the help you need in setting it up. Good luck!

Hi Mark,
Thanks for that I’ll have a look and give it a try.
Support is one thing I need as I’m only a novice at this interwebnet thing lol.

Another way to do this is to first Zip the PDF, upload to your server area, create a link to that zip file. All zip files will auto-download on all browsers. Very simple.

There are even better, more elegant ways to do this but I’m not sure they are any simpler. However, if the FileSafe stack works for you then I’d use that: Jonathan at Nimblehost is fantastic at support.

I think FileSafe is from Seydesign

Yes, FileSafe was developed by SeyDesign. NimbleHost now owns Seyndesign('s product line).

Hi Mathew,
That dose sound a simpler way.
The first parts I think I can get my head around, zip file and upload to my server but its the link to the file that I’m not sure on, any help on that bit?

Hi Mathew,
Got it in to the server but tried to create a link but everything I try is not working.
Bit of guess work as to what it could be but a bit stumped.
If I click on the file in the server it does download to my computer so on the right lines but still trying to figure out the link.

Post the url for your website and the name of the folder (and any subfolders) and the name of the zip file and we’ll see if we can locate the url the link has to point to for you.

web site is www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk I assume that is what you want?
All I have done is to upload this file called ‘Function key features.pdf.zip’ to the server, may be I should have put it into a file?
Sorry bit of a novice at this but still learning.
If I need to load it somewhere else if you know where I’ll do that.
Not sure what part of the world you are but getting late here so may not reply until tomorrow.
Thanks for your help.

Okay it is there. I got it and can see:

//The features marked Alternate can play different sounds when pressed to add variety. The sounds are randomly selected…

Rename the file to something without any spaces such as “function_key_features.zip” then the link should just be:-

Hi Stuart,
Yes I’ve done that, not sure how you sorted that one out.
Gone back into the web site and its not finding it, not sure if I’ve done something wrong.
I removed the original file from the server and renamed it like you said and re-uploaded it to the server.
Renamed the link and published.
Went to the web site and in the test page clicked on the download function list and it can’t see the file.
Any thoughts?
I’m of to bed now so I won’t reply until the morning.
Thanks for looking at this.

You are right Mark,
My mistake is because FileSafe is still on Seydesign’s site rather than Nimblehost’s


No prob, Pedro!

I have that Stack implemented on a site of mine, and it works really well. There is a little bit of setup involved, but once you understand the model, it’s all very logical. Thanks…

It would be nice if Jonathan actually merged all the different sites into one for more efficient viewer/user use… Have NimbleHost, SeyDesign, SeyDoggy, Foss… too many sources from the same dev (even though they were purchased from another dev) imho.

Does the FileSafe stack set still work well with RW 6.3.x and Stacks 3.0.x?

Not clear in their video nor their description, but what are the site requirements other than php? Do you need a db at all, what version of php is required? Last updated Dec, 2014…



I have FileSafe working on the latest of both RW and Stacks 3.

Thanks @MarkSealey

no database required?


Welcome, Brad. No; no database required.

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Hi Neil,

Would it be possible to be more specific?
What exactly did you rename the zip file to? Exactly which folder (or path) relative to your domain root folder did you upload the file to?

It really should not be any more complicated than say:-


Where a zipped file called ‘function_key_features.zip’ is in the root folder. Or if you put the file in a ‘downloads’ folder (which you would have had to create manually) it would be something like:


Hi Stuart,
All I did was to rename the file on my desktop from function key features.pdf.zip to function_key_features.zip
Then I went to my file manager in the server, if you call it that, deleted the file in there and uploaded the changed name file.

Then went back to Rapidweaver and in the ‘test page’ that I made I made the link as http://www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk/function_key_features.zip

So really all I did was to change the name, BUT I did leave of the .pdf bit