Is There a Stack that can give users custom previews?

Hi fellow Weavers,
So, I’m building a site for an engraving company to sell custom nameplates, small signs etc.
Is there a stack that will give a customer a preview as they type in their words? Like some font sites allow you to put in sample text that can change as you select different fonts?
Thanks for any help!


I do not think such stack exists at the moment (anybody—correct me if I’m wrong), but you may want to get in touch with some developer and ask him to build it. I know that @willwood accepts such jobs. Perhaps others do too…


Thanks Rob. I figured that might be my only choice.

I think you could use a CMS like TotalCMS to achieve something like this. If there was a customer facing admin stack for the text, this could be outputted on the same page as a content stack within different Font Stacks.

Probably not explaining it well but will try and explain it better later once I have more time

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I’ve done something similar using Total CMS and Target - both from @joeworkman.

On this page the Specials board is an image (of the actual specials board in the pub) with text put on top using Joe’s Target stack. The text is managed via the CMS.

The extra for you would be to give the public access to that CMS box

Hope that helps


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