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Hi all.
I’d very much appreciate any help here. Is there a stack or method that can display a background image if text content is added with Easy CMS? I’m trying to find a way to show both an image and overlaid text if text is added using cms but to hide the image if there is no text added or the text is removed.
Most Hide/Show stacks that I have looked at appear to be time or breakpoint based.
Thank you.

Why not just put it I. A toggle stack. Turn it on when you add text, and off when you have no text

Thanks for the suggestion Scott but the client is the one that will decide if the image/text is visible or not by adding the text using Joe’s Easy CMS.
I suppose a little context is needed here. The site is a parish website. If there are any deaths in the parish, the client would enter the deceased persons name. This would then appear on the site over an appropriate ‘with sympathy’ image. But if there are no deaths, I want the image to disappear when the client removes any previous text. I hope this makes sense.

Right, the client would also turn the toggle on/off in the CMS.

That’s working now Scott. Thank you for your help.

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