Is there a theme like this one?

I’m new to Rapidweaver and really liking it so far. I was wondering if there’s an existing theme that would allow me to create a site that looked like this one:

I need it mainly for blogging, but for other content too.

I’ve been using Squarespace for a few years, but feel I have little control and so hoped Rapidweaver might give me that control, so hopefully, if I can find a theme similar to this I can tweak it accordingly.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

Well. After the third day of deafening silence I figured out the way to go. I was hoping this community would be a little more responsive - live Rapidweaver - but it seems pretty sedate and quiet, which there’s nothing wrong with. Sedate and quiet is good.

So, no need to add any input to this message. Just let it work its way to the bottom and vanish into obscurity :smile:

The community behind RapidWeaver is extremely responsive and active. I think the reason for “silence” is most folks not knowing of the best approach or theme to recreate a site like this. Can it be done with RapidWeaver? Of course. From what I can tell, it is a very BIG website.

I guess more specific questions would help folks give you recommendations:

  • What part exactly are you wanting to recreate?
  • Are you wanting to recreate EVERYTHING?
  • What features/design/functionality aspects are most important to you (the initial popup message, the navigation, etc)

Instead of thinking this site can be recreated with one single theme, understand that it’ll take multiple building blocks to produce the end result. That’s what a website essentially is: multiple components (design and functionality) working together to create a beautiful experience and achieve the desired goal(s).

My personal recommendations would be to look into the Iris theme by Nick Cates Design. It has the same feel as this website, in terms of design. Full disclaimer: I’ve worked with Nick a lot, and his themes - that is the one that pops into mind first.

You’d need to couple the design with a few plugins to achieve the same functionality (membership, downloads, contact forms, etc). It might also be worth looking into a ‘build-your-own-design’ solution, such as: FreeStack Responsive, BootSnap, Foundation, and Pure.

Hope that helps.


I was looking at Strata by Nick Cates, thinking it could be customizable to have something similar to that web site:
But also Streamline by Michael David is a full featured theme with a very good sidebar:

Here is a list of the most known theme designers working for Rapidweaver, I think you could find every kind of theme for every use:

Nick Cates Design

Michael David Design

Brandon Lee Theme Design


Henk Vrieslaar

Joe Workman


Kuler Solutions


Elixir Graphics

One Little Designer



Kuler Solutions




And last but not least three tools to built your web site piece by piece without a predefined theme

Blueball FreeStack

Joe Workman’s Foundation


But I’m sure I missed someone, which I hope will forgive me.

Thanks Aaron. You’ve given me some real food for thought. I’m going to check out Iris tomorrow. When I didn’t hear from anyone I went ahead and bought a theme, which I’m practicing on and have found it to be excellent. But once I’ve master RW, Stacks, etc, by creating this practice side I’ll get going on the real deal so am happy to buy more templates, add-ons, etc.

Have to say RW is a lot more powerful and flexible than I was expecting. Very cool. Cheers again Aaron.

Thanks Trystero. I’ll check those two themes out first thing in the morning - and wow, what a great list of theme designers. I’ll be working my way through those as well.

I’m confident I’ll get it sorted out. It might take me a while, but with all this choice and all of the plugins available it seems like you can do pretty much anything - and who knows, a bit of CSS and HTML tweaking and who knows :smile: