Is there a way to override the font in Writer Theme?

Does anyone know of a way to override the font in Nick Cate’s Writer there?

What text are you trying to change?

The banner text specifically.

A link to a page would allow more people to help you. A lot of us don’t have every theme out there and without seeing the code generated by it, we can’t offer any custom CSS that would work.

Let me publish something and I’ll post a link.

@DLH Don, here’s a link, thank you in advance.

And, what are you trying to change about the banner text? Size, weight, the font itself? What font are you wanting to use? Google font?

I want to change the font to Helvetica Neue

Try this:, {
    font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

That changes both the Title and Slogan. If you only want one changed, remove the other.

Edit: You may need " !important" added. Depends on where RW inserts the CSS. Try without first.

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Thank you, that works.

One thing to note is that this option will work but only display Helvetica Neue on computers/devices (mainly macs and iOS devices) that have that font installed, it will then fall back to Helvetica, then Arial, depending on what is available on other devices.

The other option is to find an equivalent font on Google Fonts and you use something like CustomFontStack or Font Pro to add it to your site so it displays as you intended it to.

How would I add Font Pro to an RW Blog page?

I’m not sure if there is something pre-made that could do it.

If you want to pick out a Google font, we could give you the code to add to the head area of the site to load the Google font and modify the CSS posted earlier for Helvetica Neue.

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you can’t you can only add it to Stacks pages

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My apologies, I forget about the bits that can’t use stacks.
As @DLH said it can be added via code but I can’t advise which code right now as it’s been a while since I’ve had to use this approach

@pmjd Thanks Paul. I thought I was completely missing something. :smile:

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