How to change the font type in Engineer RW8 theme?


how can i change default font type in Engineer theme?
Default font does not support all letters.
Best would be google fonts - LATO or HELVETICA



If you’re using the Stacks plugin, then this stack - - may help.


thx. i know this possibility.
but it doesn’t work on RW BLOG.
i need CSS way…


You didn’t mention the Blog page type.

Maybe this can help?

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Might have better luck if you provide a URL to at least a test blog page and a description of what you might want to change to what.

All text to text type: “Open Sans”

and blog is here:

I use the template RW8 Engineer - and when using the default font I have errors in the text - another font with punctuation letters. How do I change the default font in the template to another? For example, Open Sans?
In stack page i can use FONTSTACK but in Blog pages RW8 i can’t use stack plugin. How can i change used font?

look at this picture:

I find it…
the correct result was this code: * :open_mouth:

  • {
    font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;
    line-height: 140%;

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