RW 7 - Banner Text

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Can anyone please tell me how to change the font in the banner text in RW 7

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what theme are you using?

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I was hoping to use Voyager, but it doesn’t really matter as long as I can change the banner graphic and the banner font.

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See attached image to change the font and banner

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Many Thanks,
I had previously worked out how to change the image but couldn’t get to the correct option to change the font. However although I now have a choice of several fonts for the banner, I can’t find a way of stopping everything in the banner text being in upper case. Is this possible, if so I would be really grateful to be pointed in the right direction.
As you can see I am a real novice with RW, I have built several basic sites in previous versions but am trying to achieve something a little more adventurous this time.

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h2#slogan {
text-transform: lowercase;

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Thanks for your reply, however I do not understand your reply or how to implement it. I do not do any coding at all. Is it possible for you to explain this a little more.

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copy the above code:

h2#slogan {
text-transform: lowercase;

and paste it:
in the page inspector panel under the CSS tab…see the attached image above

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Thank you, that has worked and is really helpful,m I have put it in my list of tips to remember.
Is it possible to have uppercase for the initial letter of certain words?
What I am trying to achieve is
Jampot 2017 25th – 27th August

I would also like to achieve the same effect with the website name which I would like to say
Stow Rugby Club.

Sorry to be a nuisance, I really am new to this.

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try this, replace the previous code with this:

h2#slogan {
text-transform: none;

h1.site_title {
text-transform: none;

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hey what a second…Adam gave you these options…NO need for code…ooops

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Thanks Rollsize, I finally got what I was trying to achieve, it is certainly easier to edit the master style than use code. However I would like to learn how to use code, can you recommend a dummy’s guide which is in a reference format rather than complete book that I need to read through and memorise.
Your help has been much appreciated.