Is there a way to secure my Resources folder

Is there way to secure my Resources folder so that it can’t all be downloaded with one easy click with programs such as Site Sucker?

Pretty much anything that a person browsing your website can access, a crawler or app (like site sucker) can grab as well.

If you have a particular resource that you want to protect (like with a password) then there are ways to do that. But if they need it for the website to work, then it’s available for anyone to grab.

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Joe Workman made a stack called Image Safe ( I don’t know if it protects your Resources folder, but it makes it harder for visitors to your site to copy your images.


“Protection” tools like this are a waste of time and money. Even an amateur thief can easily get around the “blocking right-click” without anything more then the tools built into every browser. And the real professional thieves use tools(like site sucker) that won’t even know that “protection” was there.

It has nothing to do with where the images are stored (resources, warehoused, dragged onto the page). If a user can see it, they can take it.

It’s annoying! Many people use the right-click menu for other ligament reasons like Opening a link in a new window, so their browsing habits might be to right-click. Do you want to irritate perspective customers with a poor user experience?

It’s pointless! The real pirates use tools that won’t even know you tried to protect the images and even the occasional thief has learned simple keyboard shortcuts to copy the image or resource without the mouse.

If it’s an image that you need to protect then the best way is to use something like a watermark or other marking that makes using the image once taken difficult.


Hi Doug,

thanks for the insight. I used image Safe on one particular site years ago. I realise that once a site is crawled, and one did proper SEO on that site, all of the images are to be found in Google, Bing etc. as well. So, useless indeed…

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