Password Protect Individual Pages

Hi all, is it possible to password protect individual pages so only people with the password would have access to its content?

Is it also possible to put a watermark onto pictures that would be displayed on these pages?


There are various ways to do this on the server side but if you have Stacks, then Joe Workman’s PageSafe stack works well.

I don’t know of any way to place a watermark automatically on images that reside on those pages though. You could do it yourself manually of course.

You may find this thread useful.

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You can use PhotoBulk to add watermarks in bulk, as well as resize and optimize images.
For password protection it depends on what you want.

Free option like htaccess and htpsswd files are built into most servers. Will protect pages and anything in or below that folder. No easy way to manage users and passwords however

Sitelok - Website Membership Software, it’s $39.95 for the first domain. It complete membership software, users can sign up online reset passwords etc. it’s easy to integrate with RapidWeaver.. It works with any page type, and has plugins for things like payments.


Vibralogix SiteLok is absolutely the business if you want more ‘membership’ functionality as well as password protection. E.g.

  • Split members into groups and email accordingly
  • Members can self-register
  • Complex Registration Forms included
  • Comprehensive Control Panel
  • Lots of plug ins that seamlessly integrate other functionality such as payments, downloads etc.

All for an incredibly good price!

For simple and attractive Page Protection however, I would use Joe Workman’s Page Safe. Offers:

  • Instant set up
  • Multiple users (no limit)
  • Passcodes or passwords
  • Good styling options including own graphics (2 supplied)
  • Log Out function
  • Stack protection

So as @teefers says, it depends what you want. Page Safe offers none of the other functionality offered by SiteLok; However, if you don’t need that, Page Safe it’s great option.

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