Can you please advise me on site security

Hello all

Can you please advise me on site security

I am producing some website gallery’s that need to be protected so only the client that each one is intended for can access. I am building it using Photo from Nick Cates design, I am looking at Batch uploading of the gallery’s.

I need to protect the page from being view from other clients and protect the pictured that have been uploaded.

Any advise would be appreciated.

@joeworkman PageSafe

You can make your site password-protected. Simple way—with PageSafe. Or make it members-only, where parts of your website are only available for particular members. Much more versatile system, with many additional features—with Sitelok. Same price, but huge difference in the amount of features.

I use Sitelok and couldn’t be happier with it.

Oh, first of all, you should get a SSL/TLS certificate to make your site more secure in general. Free certificates are available from Let’s Encrypt.

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