Is there an easy way to tell whether a stack is responsive or not?

Is there an easy method of telling whether a stack is responsive or not?

I looked through the various RW forums and on the site and couldn’t find any lists, charts or info.

Some of the new Stacks 3 built-in stacks are responsive, though the built-in ‘grid-stack’ is not responsive. There’s no direct info explaining this difference. I learned it from Rapidweaverclassroom’s tutorials.

I’ve been buying stacks since the beginning of Stacks 1.0 and some of the stacks developers aren’t around anymore. There’s no documentation of their responsive-ness or lack of. I’d rather not have to make a test site, drop all of the stacks in, just to find out. I have several hundred stacks.

Also, should RW users get rid of (trash) old non-responsive stacks, or stacks from developers that aren’t in business anymore?

Sorry don’t know about how to determine if a stack is responsive.

To delete a stack, Click the Addons Toolbar button
Click the Stacks Button
Elect the Stack you wish to delete, right click and select Delete from the popup menu.

I’d say it would be great for a stack to list this in the RapidWeaver community. Or if this were displayed in the Stacks library – but responsiveness is not always a Yes/NO sort of thing. Some stacks are very responsive and have tons of responsive features. Some stacks provide just basic responsive behaviors.

And to confuse matters, some stacks are un-responsive by design (sometimes a fixed sized element is just what you need).

And for some stacks, responsive/non-responsive is best described as “not applicable” e.g.: there are some stacks that just add Edit-mode hiding.

I think stacks that tend to get more updates tend to work better – that said, there are a couple that i really like, just for there simplicity that haven’t been updated since 2010. They work great and I kind of hope they never change.

What works for me: I try to prune out and uninstall things that don’t work for me. If they have updates, I give them another go.

Keep it simple, you know.


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Thanks Isaiah for your great reply.

Yes, developers adding the info whether the individual stacks are responsive or not would be great in the ‘stacks info’ section at the bottom.

I was hoping to save just a small, brief moment of time after going through and sorting my stacks collection for some stacks-dumping-house-cleaning.

Still, your reply was very clear, very informative, very useful and addressed my entire issue completely. Thanks

Hi Isaiah,

I’ve just come across this thread, as i’m looking for a similar response, but maybe not the same.

I have a site up at the moment here it’s a French community site, and if you look at the first page (Accueil) homepage i am using a Uweather stack and all is ok on the mac or pc, but when looking at this on a smartphone it shows coloured lines on the right hand side, it’s obviously not responsive. :frowning: but is there a way to make a non responsive stack responsive?? for example placing a non responsive stack in a responsive grid stack for example?? will this work or not??

Many thanks for your time

All the best


You shouldn’t need to create a test site. Just use the “Preview > iPhone” option when you preview to see what happens. Caution: I have ran into stacks that Previewed fine in RW Preview but broke when viewed on actual iPhone. (or whatever). Also, you can drag your preview window to size it smaller and smaller to see how the page responds to various size screens. Quite a task though if you have tons of stacks to check…

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