Is Blocks non responsive?

I’m looking for the reason that my new site doesn’t appear to be responsive? I’m using Blank Theme which is responsive, so is it Blocks that isn’t responsive? (sorry forum won’t let me link to my host??)

Thanks for looking and help…

Blocks is not responsive.
I used it for a web site many years ago, the site is still online but now it needs a total makeover for the responsive demands of today

Trystero is right. It isn’t enough to choose a responsive theme to also make your content responsive. You have to use responsive add-ons to achieve this. For example I would never ever use Blocks in future sites I’m building but only Stacks, which is – since version 3 – responsive even with its own built-in stacks.

Yes the latest versions of the free Blank theme are responsive, but the Blocks plugin is not.

The easiest way to explain it is that Blocks mostly uses fixed units of measurement (like pixels) to control the size and position of each block on the page. Therefore (for example) a block that has been given a width of something like 600px or positioned 800px from the left physically cannot fit on a screen measuring only 480px wide (like an iPhone).

Themes like Blank can only make basic content types (like video and images) responsive. We cannot scale or reflow other content types (like blocks) to fit on smaller screens. The markup these plugins generate is too complicated and unique to do much else with.

All the page types that ship with RapidWeaver 6 are responsive. Combined, these are often more than adequate for getting a decent website built - without needing to invest into extra addons. If you are seeking to swap the Blocks plugin for something more suited towards responsive page design, then I echo the thoughts of @RapidBase in using the Stacks plugin.

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The answer to this question was one that I was dreading! I have a large website and its going to take a long time to transfer over to stacks.

It’s been knowledge for quite a while that Blocks is not the best tool to use in responsive setups. Blocks DOES still have its uses (hence the reason it is still for sale) but in responsive setups it is less ideal to use.

If you’re not ready to make the jump to responsive design / Stacks yet, you could use Mobilize and redirect your mobile / tablet website users to a more simplified site that is easier to view on mobile devices.

Another option is that you could hire someone to help you convert your website from Blocks to Stacks more quickly, if you’re working towards a tight deadline :wink:

Thanks Will for the info! Im now more or less retired so I do have time to do the conversion-its going to take me the best part of a week but from one point of view its going to be a great learning curve :smile: