How to use Stacks with Themes

I just upgraded to RW 6 and Stacks 3.0.
Could someone point me to tutorials that address the use of Stacks within responsive themes?
I’d like to modify existing themes and drop in useful Stacks, but the issue of whether a particular Stack is responsive or not and how a Stack plays with a theme that is already supposed to be responsive has me confused.

“Preview” your site in RW and use the dropdown (under Preview) to change screen size and see the results of responsiveness. I often shrink the screen width manually to watch how my page and stacks change responsively.

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Generally speaking, the Developer of the Stack will disclose if it is responsive or not (typically, anything newer (2013 and newer) are responsive capable and quite a few now are CMS aware.

If a developer does not disclose this information I would suggest contacting the Developer for clarification.

I know of no actual tutorial video that goes through responsive themes and stacks in general, Joe Workman has some on his Vimeo channel and Youtube channels and some other developers have support videos for their products as well.

Hope that helps

Thanks. I started using a Stacks 2, two column layout under a Bootsnap blank theme. It almost works. Is there a similar Stacks 3 responsive stack that works under Bootsnap?

The big difference between the Stacks 2 Two Column stack and the Stacks 3 Two Column stack is the Stacks 3 version is responsive, the Stacks 2 version is not. Both should work under bootsnap though.

The bootsnap version might also have an effect on responsiveness. I know BootSnap 3 is responsive, I do not remember if BootSnap 2 is.

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