Is there any plugin or stack to show festival members or contestants

Hi RW community. I would like to make a website where I could list and sort all the festival contestants (singers) and sort them by age, by name, by song title they perform etc. Each contestant has one photo, name, surname, city, age and song title, he or she will perform on our festival.

I am about to make my site in Wordpress where I can find lots of plugins that could help me with that, but just before I do so, I decided to ask here if there is any stack or plugin that would help me do this sortable list of contestants in my prefered tool Rapidweaver.

Should I try RapidCart Pro for this task? I could treat contestants as a products without a price maybe?

Filter stack by YabDab should do what you want (in combination with some regular free stacks). There’s also the Filter stack by Stacks4Stacks that you might like.

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It depends what styling you’re looking for but Grid Iron could also do this. It renders a table of data that you can sort, search and page through.


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Or possibly SortStack:

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RapidCart Pro can be used in “Catalog Only” mode to show singer cards.
Just hide cart in Catalog page and do not use product versions, so no price is listed for your contestants (at least if you don’t want to sell them :smiley:).

Singers can be organized by age, genre or anything else using tags and categories.


Perfetto Roberto :slight_smile:
Thank you. Now I just need to find some discount codes for Rapidcart PRO :)))