MySql. A Query Into Read Write Stacking

Hello! I have been using Rapidweaver for many years but I have only done one or two SQL databases. I have a new project and would like to see what would work best for what I need to do. Here is the gist.

I want to be able to view a list of the current database and check off if those people are present for the event. Also, I would like to be able to add someone on that same form for that date. This is basically an attendance database. I want to be able to store when people came to a weekly event. I would like to be able to pull it up on a webpage and mark that they are present for that event.

Are there stacks that will help with the front end of this?

Lastly, I would love to create another form that new attendees could go to register themselves in that same database. You know, “We are so glad you are here!” Now put in your information. Name, phone, email, address and then have it date stamp it.

I know this is possible, just don’t know what you guys would suggest to do it most efficiently. Any help is appreciated!!

Thank you!


@oneblessedguy One way to accomplish all of this is by using SiteLok. If you want to make things a bit easier you can additionally get Joe Workman’s Sitelok stacks (though they are not needed). More here:

There are likely other ways to do this with more generic SQL databases and it might be cheaper, but SiteLok is built for membership sites: and thus does all you want. SiteLok is $40 per domain.


Thank you for the reference! I will check it out. The word Sitelok makes me think of a locked down place where it isn’t public. I hope that isn’t the case. I do love Joe’s stuff! I’ll look into that as well.

Gracious of you to respond.


Let me add some detail.

I would like the attendance sheet to be open so that anyone with the link could take attendance for that event. But maybe that is asking too much.


The developer of SiteLok sometimes visits here.But I’d go over to the website and email him.

Again there may be other products that will accomplish what you want, but Sitelok is fantastic.

Yes, Sitelok is for making a site non-public, but it does other things as well: including having a site public but registering the users (like this discussion forum). So email Adrian via his website.


Thanks again! You are going above and beyond. Appreciate it!

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