Is there any plugin/stack that could emulate the WordPress Business Directory plugin?

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I cannot seem to find something similar to the WordPress Business Directory Plugin.

Does anyone know if there’s a similar plugin or stack? I don’t mind if the listing has to be updated via RapidWeaver (i.e., no need to edit online), but I’d like a similar layout and some of the features such as highlighted listings.

I suppose this could be similar to the the RapidWeaver Community’s listings on the main site (with promoted/highlighted items)? If so, is that an available plugin at all?

If something like this is not available, is this a case where Wordpress is better suited to this type of solution?


If you are going for a full-sized directory, I think it would have to be database-driven and WP with the Business Directory Plugin would, indeed, be the easiest way to go.

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