Business Directory / Events Calendar

Hey folks,
I’m planning on creating a hyperlocal website for my community, is it possible to have some sort of Events Calendar and also a Business Directory using Rapidweaver? Or, do I need to use Wordpress? If possible, how would I go about using Rapidweaver to create them?


Not much detail to go on but in general, yes you can do it with RW.

I use Google Calender as an events calendar on a RW site. Works great.

As for directory listings, you could use a lot of things, Google sheets grid iron, blog feed.
Without some more detail hard to say which way to go.

Phpjabbers makes some good Php scripts that are pretty easy to use with RW also.

Thanks! The directory listings would be by county (I’m on Long Island, NY) and each county would have categories such as “Outdoor Activities”, “Indoor Activities” etc with subgroups (beaches, museums etc) and those subgroups would be the business listings (theres A LOT).

Hi @bbq797

Sounds like a cool idea. You could either break these up into multiple pages by category (for instance, a museums page, beach page, etc), by county, or have one big listing. I kind of lean towards breaking things up by category then listing everything on that page. May make it easier.

For the actual listings, maybe Grid Iron can help you pull all of this data into a very organized and easy to search or sort table. It would make it easier for users to find the information in a big list like the one you describe


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I bet @joeworkman’s Total CMS Blog world work amazing as a directory.

You could categorize and tag things.

I have just done a directory site for a client using Total CMS Blog:


Thanks, I will check out Grid Iron – Total CMS looks like it could def work too

Wow! Website looks great… I’ll def check out Total CMS, might be what I need

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If not Total CMS, would it work with any CMS? I saw that Pulse CMS is free & Dropkick is less expensive too. Sorry, coming from Wordpress, new to Rapidweaver.

@bbq797 You would still need to purchase a licence for Pulse CMS. I haven’t used PCMS or Dropkick so I don’t know if it would work sorry. Total CMS may seem expensive but the number of features it comes with, it’s definitely worth it.

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I’ve not found a calendar better than Luxcal - very configurable and the support is totally awesome, AND it’s totally free!

Thanks! Will give it a look…so, if you don’t mind, let me see if I have this right: you could use php scripts w/Rapidweaver by creating a database and then I guess it would generate an html code that you would copy/paste in an html stack and it will produce a calendar or directory on that particular page?