Is Using "Contact Me" Secure?

Does checking and using “Contact Me” in Settings/General secure my email address from robots and spiders?

Possibly. RW uses some form of obfuscation if you select ‘Protect email addresses’ but I don’t know what. Probably safer to use a PHP contact form.


I’d tend not to risk it; in Configuration > Advanced there’s a checkbox for ‘Protect Email Address’, which obfuscates it and attempts to prevent spammers from gathering it.

But it’s always a game of cat and mouse: as fast as someone encrypts, the spammers decrypt.

I agree with Peter that a form is much safer.

Pretty sure that only protects the email address if it appears in the footer. Addresses anywhere else on the page will not be protected.

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DooBox provides a free App to secure email addresses.

Works slick. Below is a link.


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Obfuscation may or may not be effective against spambots (and I have my doubts) but it won’t protect you against human spammers who will get your email address as soon as they click on the link.