Obfuscating email address behind buttons

Hi all,

Conscious that I want to be obfuscating email addresses, wherever possible, to avoid bots.

I know RW has a “protect email address” setting, but does that obfuscate the address anywhere other than in the Footer?

I have the @joeworkman Call-to-Action stack, which I currently use Sweet Button on, but I don’t know whether setting the Link to a mailto: obfuscates it, or not. I’ve used Joe’s online tool to create the HTML, which works great in a Text stack, but I can’t use that in the Link field (be gentle, I’m a beginner at this). There’s also a javascript version, but I have no idea what to do with that…

Is it possible to have the button obfuscate the email address? Am I trying to do something that is already designed in?

On a related note, can I somehow obfuscate a Tel: phone number?



There might be other solutions available, but this one is quick and easy https://stacks4stacks.com/touchbase/



This is what I use. Works well as I don’t get spam with this.

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This may help. https://www.weavers.space/answers/email-obfuscation

You can search my entire knowledge base via the help widget at the bottom of my website.

I think the OP wants to obscure the email address in a button link, as well as a telephone number.

They’re already using @joeworkman’s

The option that @NeilUK offered seems to do both.

Thanks all,

@NeilUK’s suggestion seems to fulfil my needs pretty well. Not quite as attractive as @joeworkman’s Sweet Button, but it’s working.

Perhaps when Joe gets some downtime (:joy:) he can look at adding similar functionality to Sweet Button, so we can get the best of both worlds…

You just need to take the link part of the HTML from my tool and put it inside sweet button. It’s the part that is inside the href attribute.

Thanks Joe. I’m away for a few days, but will give it a try when I’m back. Love Sweet Button.

Is there a way to obfuscate a phone number?



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