How to hide email address on RW

How to hide an email address from spam bots on RW

On the web there are many solutions, but how to integrate it with RW? HTML stack?


Do you mean obfuscate an email address (scramble it) to make it illegible to spam bots?

There are a number of free services online, if you search “obfuscate email address”. Most of these services take an email address and then return you a code snippet to put anywhere in RapidWeaver.

The other option is to use a stack like TouchBase that can obfuscate email addresses and various other contact details you might want to put out on a website.

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Gary Simpson @Doobox made a Secure MailTo Generator app which still works fine in Catalina. No idea whether it is still downloadable from anywhere?

I still use that too.

There’s also this Doobox’ stack -


ha ha - I have this stack too and have used it. That’s the problem with having 1000 stacks - brain can’t remember them all!

Does any of those stacks support placing an email address or phone number in buttons?


This looks like it does.


Thanks, Rob. I have this stack, but I didn’t realize it was capable of what I had in mind. After quick exercise (custom label and custom styling settings), I got what I wanted.


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