Is WeaverPix extinct?

(Benjamin Russell) #1

I bought WeaverPix in 2014 and have been using it without problems since. Now I upgraded to Rapidweaver 7 and WeaverPix appears to be broken. I have tried contacting the WeaverPix developer, Chilidog Software, and they have not responded. Can anyone confirm that Chilidog has stopped developing and is no longer supporting WeaverPix? Any suggestions for a replacement? Thank you.

(scott williams) #2

I’m sure if we ping @barchard he will answer here.

Stand by…

(Gregory Barchard) #3

Hi, unfortunately I have not recieved your inquiry. Please email support@ with your question. You’ll get an automatic notification that a ticket has been created.


(Benjamin Russell) #4

Thanks for the quick response, guys. I don’t know what email address to use to send my inquiry to Chilidog. I had filled out the online form on the Chilidog support site. Is there an actual email address I could use? Also, can you please confirm that WeaverPix is still being supported? Thanks

(Benjamin Russell) #5

Ooops, maybe the email is support@ ?

(scott williams) #6

that’s the one…

(Jason Bostick) #7

It should be support@, I believe

(Gregory Barchard) #8

Yes I just don’t publish fully because spammers. Anyways yea support@ :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Russell) #9

Thanks again, guys. I have sent an email to the chilidog support.

(system) #10

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