WeaverPix and RW6

Is WeaverPix compatible with RW6? I can’t get it to work. Tried just about everything but nothing shows up on the page.
Any suggestions?

Should work fine… Can you give a bit more info? A URL perhaps?


OK, Thanks, I’ll set one up.

Hi Gavin

Yes weaverpix works fine with RapidWeaver 6. I believe you opened a support ticket? If so, please update your ticket with the information requested.

Are you having issues installing the plugin or using it?


Here we go. Tried this. Changed Albums to sets in the WeaverPix setup.



Hi Gavin

Please update your support ticket. I need additional information from you. This includes information about your host. As this is personal, please do not post information on this public forum. Please update your support ticket that you have open.

Thank you


Gavin, Greg’s the man and will take care of you with his great support, but while you are waiting for his response on your support ticket make sure you are using the most current version of php on your web server as well. You can check on its c-panel. I had some real issues with this until I realized my server was not set to use the most current version of php.

Thanks all. Greg found the problem. My Hosting Company was using an older version of .php. After updating to the latest version, everything is working perfectly.